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So much more
than just

Karel de Stoute is a culinary experience that centres round enjoying. It is the life’s work of Thomas, Lien, and their dedicated team. This is where you come for sophisticated cuisine and a warm atmosphere, because you have something to celebrate, or just because you can. It’s about feeling welcome, allowing yourself to be surprised and remembering the good times here with us. Karel is about enjoying and the afterglow.


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The kitchen

The creative mastermind behind our kitchen never stalls. Therefore, our menu continuously changes. The connecting thread? Darn nice flavours and selected wines that sing the praises of the kitchen’s creations. Outstanding, eclectic, always different and new. The result of unbridled passion and craftsmanship.

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is simple.

We want you to feel welcome. To be in the mood for hearing us tell you all about the beautiful dish we are delighted to serve you. To enjoy the flavours and the company. To leave thinking to yourself: “I have enjoyed this so much.” We won’t settle for less.